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‘Christ The King’ ward members of Permai Parish visit Karunamaya Ashram

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Karunamaya ashram was elated to have members from ‘Christ The King’ ward of Permai parish. The Karunamaya Team and inmates extend heartfelt gratitude to those members for their kind gesture of support and love. Essentials were also donated by these members, helping Karunamaya meet its daily needs while looking after the inmates. May God bless the members from ‘Christ The King’ ward of Permai parish.

Members of ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ organisation visit Karunamaya

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Karunamaya is grateful to many people who come forward to make a difference in the lives of the needy. One such group that visited Karunamaya recently was members of ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ organisation. They brought joy and cheer to the inmates of Karunamaya by enacting a Christmas program. Several essentials were also donated by them. Karunamaya Team and the inmates express heartfelt thanks to the ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ organisation and pray that God bless the organisation.

Visit by Legion of Mary, Bajjodi

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Karunamaya Ashram expresses heartfelt gratitude to all who come forward to help them in their service to the inmates. One such kind gesture was extended by the members of Legion of Mary, Bajjodi. Along with donating several essentials, they also spent time with the inmates. May God bless the members of Legion of Mary, Bajjodi for their act of kindness towards helping people in need.

Christmas Celebration at Karunamaya Ashram

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Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus. And no celebration is complete without a cake and a sumptuous meal. The Karunamaya Team went all out to share the Christmas spirit with the inmates by partaking in cake and a delicious spread of food enjoyed by all. May God bless Karunamaya Ashram, both the Team members and the inmates. May Karunamaya go forward in helping more and more needy people, the downtrodden, the helpless.

Distribution of clothes to inmates by Karunamaya Team

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The joy of Christmas season is incomplete without an act of kindness to the needy. The Christmas cheer abounded at Karunamaya Ashram and the inmates were given the love they so much deserve! May God bless the Karunamaya Team for their loving act of kindness in distributing clothes to the inmates during this festive season. Anybody wanting to help Karunamaya Ashram can donate using the details posted in this link

Monthi Feast 2019 celebration in Karunamaya Ashram

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September 8 which is celebrated as the Nativity of Mother Mary was celebrated at Karunamaya Ashram. Everybody enjoyed a sumptuous vegetarian meal on banana leaves and it was quite a joyous occasion for all – the team members, guests and inmates. May God bless Karunamaya Ashram and may they continue to help the needy and downtrodden.

Lions Club Balmatta members visit Karunamaya Ashram

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Karunamaya Ashram was elated by the visit of members of Lions Club Balmatta. Their donation of rice is truly a blessing to the inmates at the Ashram. May God bless them for lending a helping hand to the needy.

Karunamaya truly a blessing to Mangalore

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The needy of the streets can find solace in Karunamaya’s tender loving care.

Karunamaya Ashram opens its arms to a needy man while other NGOs refuse help.


A destitute individual with an amputated leg and a chronic diabetic and who had also undergone an open heart surgery was found in Mallikatta in a critical condition and was in need of help. On observing the plight of this man, noteworthy Advocate Mr.Staneley D’Costa called Violet Pereira who is the chief of

Even though some of the NGOs were asked to help, they did not come forward. It was at this moment that Karunamaya Team stepped in to help and did all they could to help this man. The kindness of Mr.Stanley D’Costa and Team Mangalore towards this man is truly noteworthy. Very few people step up to help the destitute while most individuals turn a blind eye towards the downtrodden. 

The man is now happy and recovering at Karunamaya Ashram. God bless Karunamaya for helping the destitutes when nobody cares. Their kindness and good heart shall always find a special place in the hearts of many. also records this as seen in the link below.

Karunamaya Comes to the Rescue of Destitute When 2 other City NGOs Deny Help!

Mental Relaxation For Senior Citizens Program

MSW students of Mangalore University conducted a Mental Relaxation program for the senior inmates at Karunamaya Ashram. The mental relaxation techniques taught by them have surely benefitted the inmates at Karunamaya. Thank you dear students for exhibiting social responsibility by going out of the way to help the needy.