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Ullal Asrath Sayyid Madani school visits Karunamaya Ashram at Permai

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Students from Ullal Asrath Sayyid Madani school visited Karunamaya ashram and conducted some activities for the inmates. It was such a joy to see these youngsters and the school staff reach out to the lonely. These were among the first visitors at the newly opened Karunamaya Ashram at Permai, which is the second ashram of Karunamaya. It was such a pleasure to have them. May God bless the students and staff from Ullal Asrath Sayyid Madani school.


Karunamaya gets a Second Ashram

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For the homeless and the needy, Karunamaya is an abode that welcomes them with open arms. Karunamaya Ashram in Marnamikatte has completed four fruitful years of serving the destitute. The Karunamaya team’s selfless service in looking after the underprivileged and enabling improvement in their health condition-this is truly commendable. Not many serve society in such a noble manner, only a few have the heart and mind to do so.

Karunamaya Ashram which is located at Shervin compound, Marnamikatte houses 25 beds and more than 70 people have convalesced here in the past 4 years. Many of them have returned home after being appropriately rehabilitated. Due to space limitations here, another Ashram with 50 beds has been prepared in Permanki, Ulayibettu, thanks to the generosity of Mr.Antony D’Souza and siblings who have donated their ancestral home for this noble cause.

Today, on 7th November 2018, the new Bishop of Mangalore Diocese, Most.Rt.Rev.Dr.Peter Paul Saldanha will inaugurate and bless this new Ashram. There will be several dignitaries present during the inauguration: Mr.U.T.Khadar (Karnataka State Minister for Urban Development and Housing), Dr. Y. Bharath Shetty (MLA of Mangalore North Constituency), Rev.Fr.Louis Cutinha (Parish Priest of Permanki Church), Rev.Fr.Victor Machado (Parish Priest of Kulshekar Church), Mr.J.R.Lobo (Ex-MLA of Mangalore South Constituency), Mr.Vasanth Kumar (President of Ulaibettu Gram Panchayat, Mr.Walter Nandalike of Daijiworld, Mr.Anil Lobo (President of MCC bank). The guests of Honour for the inaugural function are Dr Shailesh Kumar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Rev.Fr.J.B.Saldanha (Parish Priest of Permannur Church), Rev.Fr.Andrew D’Souza (Parish Priest of Infant Mary Church Katipalla), Rev.Fr.Harold Mascarenhas (Parish Priest of Cascia Church), Rev.Fr.Joseph Vaniyanthara (Director of Divine Prayer Centre in Thokkottu), Rev.Fr.Alban D’Souza (Parish Priest of Kalmady Church), Mr.John Prakash Pinto (Vice-Precident of St.Antony Church), Mr.Antony D’Souza from Permal, Mr.Elias Fernandes (Director of Four Winds Mass Communication), Mr.Elias Sanctis of Vermont Builders & Developers and Mr.Francis Cutinho (Ex-Precident of MCC Bank).

May God Our Loving Father shower his choicest blessings on this new Ashram. May his mercy and grace abound in this place that will serve the needy and the homeless forever.




 Location of Karunamaya’s Second Ashram:

Birthday Celebration

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Mrs. Lidwin Lobo, member of Vishwas Trust, celebrated her birthday in Karunamaya ashram along with the Karunamaya team, Inmates and Staff of Vishwas Trust. It was a fun-filled and joyous occasion and the delicious cake was savored by everyone. Vishwas Trust provides tremendous support in the field of social service and lends a helping hand to the Karunamaya team often. May God bless Vishwas Trust and its members who wholeheartedly reach out to Karunamaya Ashram and its inmates in their selfless service. Karunamaya Team extends heartfelt gratitude to Vishwas Trust.


Monthi Festh at Karunamaya

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The team and inmates of Karunamaya Ashram had a memorable Nativity Feast on September 8, 2018. It was a joyous occasion with homely meal on banana leaves. May God bless Karunamaya Ashram abundantly.

SVP Members from Ashok Nagar Parish visited Karunamaya

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It was a delightful occasion when members from the SVP association of the Ashok Nagar Parish in Mangalore visited Karunamaya. All inmates and team members extend heartfelt gratitude to them for their kind gesture. May God bless them all.

Independence Day Celebration at Karunamaya

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It was a patriotism filled occasion while the Karunamaya Ashram Team and Inmates hoisted the Indian Flag on the 15th of August, 2018, on India’s 72nd celebration of Independence Day. What a joyous atmosphere it was! The flag hoisting was performed by Mr.Elias Coelho, the Managing Trustee of the organisation. His wife Mrs. Severine Coelho, who also helps to run the Ashram, was also present during the flag hoisting ceremony. All sung the National Anthem and had a sense of patritotic exhuberance. May God bless India.

Karunamaya team rescues another old man from the streets

78 year old Mr. John Fernandes who was in a pitiable state at Padil Bus stop in Mangalore was rescued by the members of Karunamaya Ashram. His whole leg was burnt and had severe wounds. He has been treated at Karunamaya and is undergoing medical care. God bless Karunamaya Ashram team for their selfless service to so many destitutes. When nobody cares, there is still hope to the poor because of kind-hearted people like the Karunamaya team, who go out all out to help the down-trodden and the unwanted. This only shows that humanity still exists in this world. May God bless the dear Karunamaya Ashram members and inmates.

Visit and donation by Kulshekar Parish Members

Members of Kulshekar Parish visited Karunamaya Ashram. They entertained the inmates and also provided food items as donations to help Karunamaya Ashram in feeding the inmates. May God bless them and their families for their kind gesture. Karunamaya Ashram extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Kulshekar Parish members for their kindness.


Rehabilitated inmate returns to his family

One of our dear inmates, Mr. Cyril Braggs is now free of the addiction to alcohol. He returns to his loving family. May God bless him and his family and may he live a beautiful life with his dear family.

Derebail Parish CLC Members visit Karunamaya

The members of Derebail Parish CLC committee visited Karunamaya Ashram and gave a heartwarming program to the inmates and entertained everyone. The feelings of love and compassion abounded among all. God bless them and their families for their selfless service.