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Birthday Celebration

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Mrs. Lidwin Lobo, member of Vishwas Trust, celebrated her birthday in Karunamaya ashram along with the Karunamaya team, Inmates and Staff of Vishwas Trust. It was a fun-filled and joyous occasion and the delicious cake was savored by everyone. Vishwas Trust provides tremendous support in the field of social service and lends a helping hand to the Karunamaya team often. May God bless Vishwas Trust and its members who wholeheartedly reach out to Karunamaya Ashram and its inmates in their selfless service. Karunamaya Team extends heartfelt gratitude to Vishwas Trust.


Monthi Festh at Karunamaya

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The team and inmates of Karunamaya Ashram had a memorable Nativity Feast on September 8, 2018. It was a joyous occasion with homely meal on banana leaves. May God bless Karunamaya Ashram abundantly.

SVP Members from Ashok Nagar Parish visited Karunamaya

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It was a delightful occasion when members from the SVP association of the Ashok Nagar Parish in Mangalore visited Karunamaya. All inmates and team members extend heartfelt gratitude to them for their kind gesture. May God bless them all.