Monthly Archives: June 2018

Visit and donation by Kulshekar Parish Members

Members of Kulshekar Parish visited Karunamaya Ashram. They entertained the inmates and also provided food items as donations to help Karunamaya Ashram in feeding the inmates. May God bless them and their families for their kind gesture. Karunamaya Ashram extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Kulshekar Parish members for their kindness.


Rehabilitated inmate returns to his family

One of our dear inmates, Mr. Cyril Braggs is now free of the addiction to alcohol. He returns to his loving family. May God bless him and his family and may he live a beautiful life with his dear family.

Derebail Parish CLC Members visit Karunamaya

The members of Derebail Parish CLC committee visited Karunamaya Ashram and gave a heartwarming program to the inmates and entertained everyone. The feelings of love and compassion abounded among all. God bless them and their families for their selfless service.

Richard Machado & Derebail Parish Ward members visit

Karunamaya Ashram had a pleasant visit from Richard Machado & Derebail Parish ward members. They entertained the inmates and spent a fun-filled time at our Ashram. Karunamaya team thanks them for their visit. God bless them all.