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Arbaab Khaki treated for amputated leg

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Arbaab Khaki : 63 years old

Native: Mumbai

Picked up from care of Mother Theresa poor home mangalore, One leg was amputated after train accident. Treatment was done at Yenepoya medical college hospital, After two months of treament cured and left his own accord.


Ravi Gowdda cured from high BP and paralysis

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Ravi Gowdda: 56 years old 

Native: Bangalore

Ravi was picked up from mangalore central railway station, who was suffering from high BP and was mildely paralyzed. He was treated at Yenepoya medical college hospital. Completely cured and left to his native place.


Denis Mascarenhas’s leg cured

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Denis Mascarenhas: 56 years old

Native: Gurpura, Kaikumba

Denis was suffering from leg infection and was highly an alcohol addict who was cured to the best and freed from his addiction, sent back.


Prakash Rao cured from mental depression

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Prakash Rao: 62 years

Native: Gorigudda, Valencia

A patient of high mental depression and a victim of alcohol. Is still under treatment since one year.


Shibhu Gowthaman cured from accidental injury

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Shibhu Gowthaman: 40 years old

Native: Calicut

Shibhu met with an accident resulting in fracture of one leg, for which he was treated at the ashram and sent back.


Martin cured from tuberculosis

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Martin: 70 years old

This patient was suffering from tuberculosis, with also having damaged lungs and liver, who was then hospitalized at Yenepoya medical college hospital for one month, Martin cured from this illness.


Achuth Naik cured from Gangrene

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Achuth Naik: 76 years

Native: Valencia

One of this patient’s leg was affected by gangrene, for which he was hospitalized for two months at Yenepoya medical college hospital. Cured and sent back to his family after a period of one month care by the ashram.


Ashok Rao cured from Hepatitis B

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Ashok Rao: 62 years old

Native: Tumkur

Leg was affected with Gangrene, having hepatitis B for which he was treated and hospitalized for 3 months. Cured and sent back to his family to lead a good life.

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Joseph Anthony cured from Filariasis

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Joseph Anthony: 57 years old

Joseph was affected with filariasis and was treated at the ashram for the same. Joseph was successfully cured and was sent back to his family.

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Oswald Furtado cured from Cellulitis

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Oswald Furtado: 60 years

Native: Valencia

Cellulitis was the disease which this particular patient had when he was introduced to the ashram, he then was treated regularly after 15 days of intervals at the hospital, and Oswald is cured 75% from the time he was got to ashram and still curing under treatment at the ashram.